İzmir, which has witnessed 8.500 years of human history, was established on the shore of the gulf and ranks third among 81 cities in terms of population size and socioeconomic development throughout Türkiye. İzmir International Port is one of the most important ports in the country that serves 70,000 businessmen, 6,000 industrialists and nearly 100,000 tradesmen. İzmir is an important trade and production center of the Aegean Region. It is also one of the important trade routes of Türkiye with its 13 industrial zones and 2 free zones. By presenting versatile production opportunities, rich natural resources and qualified life, İzmir is a region that becomes prominent both in Türkiye and in the world. İzmir is in development in terms of exports, which is an important indicator of economy. This feature has given İzmir an advantage in terms of competitiveness, capacity building and adaptation both socially and economically.

The main theme of our fair is Izmir's becoming a trade and logistics center in the Mediterranean basin, being an international port city, thus developing the sectors that trade by sea and supporting employment with the development of the sectors.

Logistech Logistics, Warehousing and Technology Expo offers its participants and visitors an experience where the entire supply and needs chain of the logistics sector are together.

Logistech will bring together Freight Transportation and Logistics Services, Motor Vehicles, Semi-Trailers, Vans, Distribution Vehicles, Tippers, Heavy Duty Vehicles, Freight Transport Vehicles and Equipments, IT/Telematics, E-commerce, Telecommunication, Intralogistics and Material Flow Products, Warehousing and Operational Equipments, Packaging, Weighing, Measuring and Labeling Products systems.




11-13 September 2024


Visiting Hours


10.00 - 18.00


Expo Area






Zafer Mah. 840 Sk. Fuar Alanı No:2 Gaziemir / İzmir




+90 (232) 497 10 00